Strong Ring Magnets – How

strong ring magnets

Strong ring magnets are easy to get and affordable, unlike other types of magnets. The most popular type is the rigid one, which is magnetized at both ends and has the capacity to hold more than its weight in aluminum. The strongest rings can be up to 90 lbs, but they usually contain at least two individual pieces of metal.

Rings can be made of a number of materials, including steel, aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, or other non-magnetic metals. In most cases the weaker metal will be close to its natural composition.

Many buildings have strengthened their interior to allow for the more complicated movement and bending required by many new construction methods. Many buildings are using their own high quality steel rod that may also have been coated with a rust inhibitor. A good coating on the metal rod will keep the steel from rusting, and even the cheapest type of rust inhibitor is still a better protection for the steel than any coating on a common painting can be.

In areas where the climate is often rainy, the rust inhibitor will protect the metal as well as the paint. They tend to cost a lot more than regular paint, but a very inexpensive rust inhibitor is available. Also consider a high grade, chemical-free spray that will remove the rust when it comes into contact with the metal.

As strong rings, these rust inhibitors will make the rings nearly impossible to break or chip. Even if you get a good solid hit on the metal in the middle, the rest of the ring will be impervious to damage, even after being hit several times. Your local hardware store will probably have plenty of rust inhibitors, or you can make your own.

It is generally advised that to protect steel from rust, use a paint that contains “Yellow Rust” at the concentrations found in piping. These paints will not damage the integrity of the metal, but will lessen the ability of the metal to become damaged.

Strong rings may be resistant to scrapes, but not scratches. One of the best treatments for scrapes is acid. A coat of acid-based rust inhibitor will cause the metal to become scratch-resistant.

Any scratches on the metal should be treated with a layer of wax or resin, and then a coating of thinning compound. The wax or resin coat can be rubbed away, leaving just the undercoating. This technique will give the metal a smooth, lustrous appearance.

Knicks, small nails, and small screws often make their way into the stronger rings. These accessories may also have a surface where small cracks can occur and lead to rust damage.

Stiffer rings with a little bit of roughening up will need to be handled with care. A stone dusting or polish will enhance the look of the steel and help prevent any scratching. If a crack does occur, a small piece of stainless steel may need to be bent around the protruding part, while the rest of the ring needs to be left as is.

Steel can be even better treated than other metals with an acrylic coating. This thin layer of plastic will help to protect the metal from scratches and abrasions, and also helps to prevent rust.

No matter what types of strong ring magnets are used, the results are usually a superb looking ring that is also durable. Buyer beware!

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